Grants under my leadership

  • 2017—2020
    Grant of the Russian Science Foundation

    Intelligent system for monitoring and passenger flows analizes on cloud technologies.

    Improvement of public route networks аnd increase average оccupancy of vehicles.

  • 2016—2017
    Grant of the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology

    Development of a software and hardware system for counting passengers by computer vision.

    System includes cameras, on-board computer unit, cloud storage, counting service, web-service.

  • 2015—2016
    Grant of the Russian Federation President

    Development of mathematical models for the description of transport processes and structural-phase transformations for k-component systems.

  • 2013—2014
    Grant of the Russian Federation President

    Development of mathematical models describing the nonlinear dynamics of phase transitions in the formation and growth of solid phase crystals

  • 2012—2013
    Grant of The Ministry of Education and Science of Russia

    Mathematical modeling of nonlinear dynamics of phase transitions in the formation and growth of solid phase crystals.


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    Corporate interaction with the regions

    Analysis and evaluation of corporate interaction with the regions.

    Developed a mathematical model of the interaction. Designed a series of indicators to measure the interaction. Formalized interests both of corporate and regional authorities.

    On the basis of the apparatus Game Theory developed algorithms approval of the plan of measures, that improves corporate infrastructures in the region.

    Adaptation of models and indicators made for Russian Railways Company.

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    Technology package for credit broker. Sales, HR, Management. It's literally translates Math to Sales.

    Paid Web-service, which allows you to build a credit broker company. Contains everything you need. Starting dozens sales scripts that creates a need for the services credit broker, to per-minute adaptation plans and employee training. Individual blocks are devoted to management company and interaction with banks and capital owners

    There are several hundreds of texts and videos, which are trained to staff and managers. Key results are
    + 30% revenue growth.
    + Customer prepayment — customers pay for services immediately.
    + Just a week of basic training on the new seller.
    + Management in terms of efficiency credit broker.
    + Scalability.

    Profit used in more than half of the Russian Federation regions. While the price is starting from $3 000.

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    Software of comparison and selection of suppliers.

    Compares Company. Used in a Tender Committee. Takes into account the indirect data. Works even with a lack of information.

    Taking into account the following groups of parameters: Financial and economic, stability and sustainability, the impact of owners.

    Braincraft.Metrika is already implemented in the Sverdlovsk railway company enclosing over than 25,000 contracts per year.

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    Trafic recognizing, counting, optimization.

    Monitoring of traffic jams by using CCTV. System tracks motion path, which eliminates the mistaking of vehicles with other objects. The system determines the cars, public transport and trucks. Available correspondence analysis on license plates

    Traffic monitoring is carried out in real time. Video processing algorithms operate directly on graphics cards, giving a tenfold increase of performance.

    Applied in Yekaterinburg (Russian Federation). Tested in Minsk (Belarus) and Tyumen (Russian Federation).

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    Strategic management

    Development of elements of strategic management based on the balanced scorecard.

    A series of contracts for setting of the strategic project-oriented management.

    Clients are large companies in various industries: telecom, construction, energy. Among them there are
    — Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works,
    — Uralsvyazinform
    — Atomstroykompleks
    — «System Operator of the United Power System», Joint-stock Company

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    Budgeting healthcare

    Develop a system of standards of per capita funding. Funding, depending on the healthcare KPI.

    Method of determining the key performance of healthcare institutions for Sverdlovsk region.

    Economic-mathematical imitating model health service delivery.

    Development of key performance indicators of health facilities by the example of mental health services.

    Indicator of the effectiveness of the immediate

    Indicator of the quality of medical services

    Indicator of social value

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    Passenger traffic monitoring

    Technical vision system.

    Inside of the vehicle mounted camera. With a given frequency is being shot passengers. Wireless data transfer starts as soon as the vehicle comes to a major station. On a remote server maintains recognition passengers. Up a passenger traffic table in relation to routes, time and coordinates.

    Passenger traffic data available online on the web. Even you can manually check passengers amount by photo. At any time, it is known amount of passengers in the cabin.

    Is now used in several regions of the Urals Federal District of Russian Federation